Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Sports

CYO Athletics is our parish based program dedicated to the development of youth as a student athlete by encouraging them to express Catholic values, sportsmanship and fair play that leads to a positive athletic experience.

Catholic parish/school-based athletics include:

  • Team sport opportunities for grades 5 through 8. 
  • Organized league play and playoffs for boys and girls in Spring, Fall and Winter, which requires scheduling teams and play-off facilities for: Baseball, Basketball (Boys and Girls), Bowling (Co-ed), Cheerleading, Soccer (Co-ed), Softball, and Volleyball. 
  • Special Events - CYO participates in the Fall Prep Bowl, which highlights CYO Championship Football games and showcases CYO Soccer, and Volleyball Programs. All division champions, teams, players and coaches are recognized and presented awards as well as the Scholar-Athletes. 
  • End of the Year Banquets to recognize the successful completion of the season.

Youths eligible to participate in St. Sebastian Parish – sponsored CYO sports program must meet of the following criteria:

  • Attend St. Sebastian Elementary School or be enrolled in the St. Sebastian Religious Education program. 
  • Parents must be registered members of the St. Sebastian Parish. 
  • If any surrounding (per CYO guidelines) Catholic parish does not have a specific sport program, a student is eligible to try out for a St. Sebastian Team. Parents of this child are expected to participate as a full member within the Booster Club Organization. 
  • Special exceptions may be granted to facilitate minimum team membership needs by meeting and approval of the Pastor.

The ultimate responsibility for the success of CYO programs lies with the volunteer adult participants. 

Adults involved in CYO should remember that the program exists for the Christian growth of our children.  The conduct of adults should always model Christian values and virtues.

Students on Academic or Disciplinary Probation may not participate in CYO athletics until improvements are made.

20710 Colgate St.
Dearborn Heights, MI 

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