CYO Signup to Play

The form below is used to sign up for CYO sports, I-League sports have their own process.  Complete the form below for each sport that your child is going to play.  You will be contacted by the coach with the practice schedule.  Please note that before your child can practice for any sport a physical must be turned into the coach. That physical must have taken place after April 15th of the year in which the school year begins (i.e. for the 2017-2018 school year the physical must be after April 15, 2017).  All CYO forms can be downloaded and printed from the Forms page.

Signup Form

Name of the child that is going to play
Gender of the child
Grade the child will be in when playing the sport
Contact number for the parent or guardian
Email address of the parent or guardian
School that the child attends
If the child does not attend St. Sebastian or another catholic school where do they attend religious education
Sport that the athlete is being signed up for.
Enter the code shown above in the box below.

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