CYO Winter Sports

CYO Winter Sports that are offered at St. Sebastian:


Varsity - 5th and 6th Grade

Varsity - 7th and 8th Grade

CYO Rules can be found at AOD-CYO Winter Cheerleading Rules


Boy’s and Girl’s Junior Varsity - 5th and 6th Grade* 

Boy’s and Girl’s Varsity - 7th and 8th Grade#


Co-ed Varsity 5th through 8th Grade

CYO Rules can be found at CYO Bowling Rules

*Based on advanced skills, athletes in 4th grade may join Junior Varsity Teams to help fill a team. 

#Based on advanced skills, your athlete may be requested to move up to varsity. However, this is a learning league and they are encouraged to stay with their grade level.


20710 Colgate St.
Dearborn Heights, MI 

Map + Directions